St. Anthony Parkway Bridge (Northtown Bridge)

St. Anthony Parkway Bridge (Northtown Bridge)

Bridge Name

St. Anthony Parkway Bridge (Northtown Bridge)

Bridge No.

27B97 (previously 90664)

Bridge Type

One span – 305’ truss span, Two – 127’ welded plate girder approach spans. Carries vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

Bridge History

Bridge 90664 was originally built by Northern Pacific Railroad in 1925 as a 5 span truss bridge spanning over the rail yard. The bridge was considered for eligibility for the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) for its engineering significance. In 2016 the original bridge was removed and has been replaced with bridge 27B97, a three span configuration over the rail yard. Span one is comprised of a 305 ft steel truss that was built off to the side and rolled into position over the tracks.

O.N.E. Involvement

O.N.E. was assigned the role of peer review and looked over the truss design plans making comments to further improve upon them. O.N.E. also flew multiple flights over the site during construction to obtain aerial footage and photos for the City of Minneapolis.

Bridge Location

Minneapolis, MN (Hennepin County)

Lat/Long – 45.027612, -93.267921

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