Seppmann Mill in Minneopa State Park (Mankato, MN)

Seppmann 000

About the Bridge

Bridge 82524 was originally constructed in Sauk Centre, MN in 1873. It is a single span, wrought iron, pin connected, eight panel Parker through truss. At an unknown time the bridge was dismantled and put into storage. In 1937 it was relocated to Koochiching County and re-assembled over the Little Fork River. In 2011, it was once again disassembled and relocated. This time to the Gateway State Trail over Manning Ave. N. in Stillwater, MN.  Carries pedestrian and equestrian traffic.

O.N.E. had a major role in the design and detailing of the relocation project. Laser scan data was analyzed for precise geometry and fabrication on new components to replicate existing members that were beyond salvageable. Plans were generated and the bridge was re-assembled and is currently in use.

Existing Conditions

The bridge in Koochiching County was laser scanned in-kind, disassembled, marked and tagged piece by piece, laser scanned again individually, then stored off-site.

During Construction

Bridge pieces were sandblasted and prepped off-site. New pieces were constructed as needed. The bridge was then assembled at the Stillwater, MN site off to the side of the road. It was hoisted into final position with two cranes.

Completed Project

The bridge sits in its final resting place over Manning Avenue on the Gateway Trail in Stillwater, MN.

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