Bridge Number 9

Bridge Number 9

Bridge Name

Bridge Number 9

Bridge No.


Bridge Type

5 – steel girder spans, 2 – Pratt steel deck truss spans. Carries pedestrian traffic only.

Bridge History

Bridge 94246 was originally built in 1924 for the Northern Pacific Railroad. The bridge was rehabilitated in 1955 and then closed to rail traffic in the 1990’s. In 1999, the bridge was once again rehabilitated and converted into a pedestrian bridge connecting the West and East campus for the University of Minnesota.

The bridge is eligible to be listed on the NRHP (National Register of Historic Places).

O.N.E. Involvement

O.N.E. designed emergency repairs to piers 2 and 4. Designed permanent repairs to pier 3 and replaced truss bearings.

Bridge Location

Minneapolis, MN (Hennepin County)

Lat/Long – 44.977694, -93.241135

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