Nicollet Avenue South over Minnehaha Creek

Bridge Name

Nicollet Avenue South over Minnehaha Creek

Bridge No.


Bridge Type

16 – span, C-I-P Concrete open spandrel arch. Carries vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

Bridge History

Bridge 90591 was originally constructed in 1923 replacing a bridge built in 1896. The new bridge is a reinforced concrete open spandrel arch using the Melan System to reinforce the arches. The bridge was rehabilitated in 1973. At that time abutment repairs were made, the concrete deck and railing replaced, and a few other repairs were done.

The bridge was listed on the NRHP (National Register of Historic Places) in 1998.

O.N.E. Involvement

O.N.E. conducted field inspections along with laser scan surveys of the bridge recently to monitor deterioration. O.N.E. also performed a load rating on the bridge.

Bridge Location

Minneapolis, MN (Hennepin County)

Lat/Long – 44.907641, -93.278090

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