Stillwater Lift Bridge

Stillwater Lift Bridge

Bridge Name

Stillwater Lift Bridge

Bridge No.


Bridge Type

9 span (2 concrete, 6 steel truss, 1 steel truss vertical lift) with concrete deck. The bridge is currently closed and will eventually open to pedestrian traffic only.

Bridge History

The Stillwater Lift Bridge was originally constructed in 1931 to connect Stillwater, MN with Houlton, WI over the St. Croix River. The bridge has had many renovations and repairs over the years before ultimately closing down in 2017 to be converted to a pedestrian bridge connected to the St. Croix Loop Trail. The Loop Trail is a 4.7 mile bicycle and pedestrian trail that will run parallel to the St. Croix river on both sides (MN & WI) and connect via the new St. Croix Crossing Bridge and the Stillwater Lift Bridge.

The bridge was listed on the NRHP (National Register of Historic Places) in 1989.

O.N.E. Involvement

O.N.E. put together plans in 2012 to make needed repairs to both the bridge substructure and superstructure. This included structural steel repairs to the bridge truss components, historic concrete railing repairs/reconstruction and underwater concrete repairs to the river piers.

Bridge Location

Stillwater, MN (Washington County)

Houlton, WI (St. Croix County)

Lat/Long – 45.056861, -92.801862

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