Phalen Park over Channel

Phalen Park over Channel

Bridge Name

Phalen Park over Channel

Bridge No.


Bridge Type

Two – short span, One – concrete arch span. Entire structure covered with a stone facade. Carriers pedestrian traffic only.

Bridge History

Bridge L8560 was originally constructed in 1910 as a concrete open spandrel arch design. In 1934 the bridge was rehabilitated due to deterioration. It was covered with a limestone facade ultimately turned into a closed spandrel arch bridge to mimic the overall look of a stone arch bridge. In 2011 the bridge was once again rehabilitated. The stone was removed and replaced in-kind. The concrete arch was strengthened using curved precast panels installed and grouted to the underside of the existing arch.

The bridge is eligible for listing on the NRHP (National Register of Historic Places).

O.N.E. Involvement

O.N.E. developed plans for the rehab project. Custom precast concrete panels were designed to line the existing barrel of the concrete arch along with a conceptual plan for installation. The bridge has been completely restored and is open to the public.

Bridge Location

St. Paul, MN (Ramsey County)

Lat/Long – 44.991242, -93.061023

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